August 25, 2009

Body Armor

I had an interesting experience tonight with my counselor. It was pretty much like a meditation experience with some major intensity thrown in for good measure. How fascinating it is to watch your own body experience sadness, anger, frustration, disappointment, fear, anxiety, panic and numbness. To really sit with my own body while experiencing different emotions and just accepting the emotion and then breathing it out to release it. I found that my body is so inflicted with stress and tension that I actually feel anxiety when it starts to relax, because it is a foreign sensation. I am uncomfortable in my own body in a relaxed state because I am always tense and ready for battle. I already knew this about myself, but to sit with it in full acceptance and just watch, WOW, mind blowing to watch stress actually eat away at my physical being. I will be more mindful of the effects stress is having on my body and learn to relax into it with acceptance and then release it.


Gin said...

I hear ya! It's like we are always prepared, tense, and ready to fight a battle just in case. Relaxing? What's that?:-). I'm glad your recognizing the stress and learning to deal with. That is an uphill battle, but it's worth it.

Tall Kay said...

Wow! What an amazing experience that must have been. It's funny how our bodies adapt to the stress and it just feels normal, until it comes out in pain somewhere. They say that people who learn the 'art' of relaxation actually live longer! Imagine that!

Lou said...

So good you are learning this. You WILL make yourself sick with low level (and high levels) of stress. It is a proven fact. Not only are we giving up our personal lives by enabling, but also our heath!

Susan DeAngelis said...

Stress is a killer!

I have trouble relaxing. I have to be constantly engaged in some activity -- reading, writing -- music or the television always has to be on.


Syd said...

Stress is a terrible thing that ages us before our time. I am glad to be relatively free of stress today.