October 8, 2014

It's been awhile!

Well it has been a pretty long time since I have written anything here and so much has transpired it would take me a year to put it all in writing. I have been checking in and reading some of your blogs and always know there is a family here for me when I need it. Z has been through hell and back too many times in the last few years. He was sent to prison in June 2011 and was released X-mas Eve in 2012. He completed his parole, worked two jobs, retained his long lost driver license and bought his own car. It hasn't taken long for the car to be wrecked, three jobs lost, girlfriend being homeless and somehow I lost my sense and strength. Z and his GF have been staying at my house off and on, staying somewhat clean for about a month. Last night I advised the GF she must do something and she is set to enter a rehab in Reno within the next two days, just waiting to see about transportation there. Z is not interested in any sort of rehab. He has always resisted faith based rehabs which is heartbreaking to me. I have given him two options, the best I believe being Delancey Place in SF. Needless to say he is not interested and I advised him he needs to leave in the next couple of days. He has no other family to go to now and my heart is ripped out of my chest kicking him to the streets. Today I am feeling numb and just realize that this may never end for him as he has been using every drug under the sun for 10 years now, except the few times he has had clean time, prison and some at home. That same fear that I am sending him out to OD and die is always there, can't seem to shake that one. He has OD so many times and survived I think he must feel invincible although he states that is not the case. He started taking an antidepressant in the last couple of days and swears he will try that and if it doesn't work he will consider rehab. Somehow my inner self tells me that is just BS and I need to continue with the plan to make him homeless. And then there is the mother in me that wants so badly to believe him. I know better...UGH! I hope you are all doing well and I know life just goes along no matter what we are dealing with. I continue to pray for many of you out there and have never forgotten that you have all been a special part of my life and are truly some of the only people that will ever know what I am going through and how I feel, and for that I am super grateful. Much love...Renee

May 30, 2011

Vulnerable and Sad

Hi everyone, long time no post! 

I have been traveling around tonight checking in on some of my blog families and it made me realize I am having a bit of a hard time myself right now. 

I stopped in over at Heather's Mom's blog and came to a few realizations.  I was reminded of how often I am too busy to take care of myself.  Too busy to blog or work on my own issues.  It is a coping mechanism I have used my whole life, stay busy so I don't have to look at my own sadness or anger or accept that my son is an active opiate addict and may stay that way or get well, but I have no power in the situation.  I have known this about myself for quite awhile but often get "too busy" to do anything about it, to keep it in check or just plain surrender and allow myself to just rest.  I can be sitting still and be busy.  It is an excuse that keeps me numb and stuck.  I can beat myself up all over the place, am doing some of that in this post, but at some point I hope my awareness pushes me to help myself more and more. 

I paid Sherry a visit also tonight.  I was reminded of the many times I tried to rescue my mother from the abuse of my addicted brothers and her severe co-dependence.    I was reminded of how many of us go through so much addiction and co-dependency growing up and the cycle it creates.  The sadness of watching my mother for years be verbally and sometimes physically abused is still stuck in that hard, black rock feeling in the pit of my stomach...the place I keep many things and that which keeps my body from flowing in a healthy way. 

I also stopped by Lisa's blog tonight and was reminded that even when our addicted kids get healthy and have some recovery behind them, it doesn't make everything all better, sometimes we allow life to just get in our way of happiness.  I have been pretty sad lately, thinking it is probably depression.  I lack motivation to get up and go to work, exercise, eat right, or even visit with my husband at night.  I find myself isolating but have been telling myself it is what I need right now.  I am on an anti-depressant, minerals, vitamins, etc., but sometimes the blues just want to stick around.  I am trying to allow myself a certain amount of wallowing but at times am in fear that it will swallow me. 

I have been going to Al-anon meetings once a week and sometimes lead the meeting.  I am not doing my meditation or reading and it shows in this post.  I really think God led me to this blog again tonight, to help me remind myself what I already know. 

My son is still actively using, not sure exactly what as he lives 30 miles from me.   He is depressed and still living with the girl he met in rehab who is also actively using.  They are using prescription pills for sure and I suspect my son may be using herion as the oxycontin is getting quite scarce and expensive.  I think he finally understands that I am distancing myself from him to some degree.  I hear that desperation in his voice when I talk with him.  He asked if he and the girlfriend could come and stay next weekend at our house, no drugs and just to visit.  I told him I would not help him financially as they both lost their jobs and will probably be homeless soon.  I try to spend time with him when I can for as long as I can stand it.  I try really hard to accept him as he is, but as you all know, that is a hard, hard thing. 

I really have a ton to be grateful for.  After almost a year with my sponsor, I still do a gratitude list and try to work the Al-anon program, but my old coping skills (disease) like to pop up and distract me...keep me good and BUSY.

So I know I am rambling now and forgive me for being so darn busy as not to keep up on my blogging.  I am hoping to get less busy what the fluff and start really getting busy dealing with my own stuff. 

I love you all and am still so grateful to have this community to come to and get a reality check.  I pray for each of you and your families often. 


April 16, 2011

Another struggling parent

I stopped in to do some reading and try to catch up a little and found a comment from another struggling parent of an addict.  Please stop by and show her some support.