August 3, 2010

Waiting Works

Just a quick note to say Hi and share something I went through today.  I have been missing my son and haven't heard from him in about five days.  He is still living in the town about 30 minutes from us, states he is working, still on Suboxone as he can afford it and hanging with the girlfriend from rehab.  Although I know he has relapsed on a few days I have seen him, I know he also has his good days....his business, his recovery. 

Anyways, today I was missing him, wondering about how he is doing and just wanting to hear his voice, but struggling with whether I should "dial for pain".  I held off, read some blogs and comments, prayed and prayed and focused on my work.  A few minutes later, I received a text message from him with a super cute picture of him and his girlfriend.  It touched me that God had sent me something to relived my mind to some degree.  I texted him that it was a nice picture and that he looked happy and went on with my day.

He just called me and we had the best 20 minute conversation of our lives.  Nothing negative, all positive and all about what we were up to individually, nothing about his addiction.  It was fantastic and I feel so happy just from that little bit of wonderful conversation with my son. 

Sometimes if we sit back and wait, wait it out when we aren't sure what to do, and pray, things have a way of just coming to us and working out. 

Reading and commenting when I can, miss you all!