June 9, 2010

Thoughts of Madison and broken heart for Katie

Many of you who have blogged for awhile will remember Madison.  She had to retire from our blogging community for personal reasons, but I do miss her terribly.  She had such a beautiful way with words, so soothing and would always make me feel safe and hopeful.  I remember she put an analogy on one of her posts and I can't quote it verbatim but it was something like the following:

"My husband and I have a "pretend" mote around our house.  When our addicts shows decides to show up with what will invariably be some type of drama or request for services, we decide if we will choose to put the draw bridge down over the mote to let them in.  It is a way for us to keep the peace in our house, keep our boundaries and ourselves safe."

I just loved it along with practically everything else she would share.  So for those that remember Madison, send her a loving thought and maybe she will feel us all thinking of her beautiful soul. 

On another note, I have been following a blog that I believe Sherry alerted me to.  I have been reading for about a month now and it is a tragic story of a family loss of their addicted son.  The mother's name is Katie and she is a professional blogger.  Her writing is so raw and honest, fearless.  She is truly an inspiration to me, I just want to reach out to her somehow.  Please check out her personal blog which follows her son Henry's beating and overdose, along with his month long battle in the hospital before his death.  Now they are having some issues with the criminal investigation over the beating that are proving to be very frustrating.  She shares with such love, you end up knowing Henry like he is a neighbor kid or a friend of the family.  I feel truly blessed that she is sharing her story.  The beginning of Henry's tragic end starts here.  Please stop by if you get a chance to read through her beautiful yet painful blog and offer her some support.  I will continue to follow her and forever be changed by her story.

Thanks everyone, and Madison, if you are out there in disguise, stop by and just say Hi....I will know:) 


Kathy M. said...

I miss Madison, too. As soon as you brought up her name, I thought of the same post you mentioned. It was amazing.

Thanks for the link.

Love and hugs.

Annette said...

That is so tragic. There are just no words. I typed one word that seemed very fitting but then deleted it because I didn't know how you would feel about curse words in your comment section. Reading what I read and I watched that precious video and I literally feel sick. That poor family, poor Henry. My heart goes out to them and they will all be in my prayers.

I miss Madison too and Lou!
Thanks for your comment on my blog and I would love to meet...anytime! Let me know.

Bristolvol said...

Do you have a link to Katies' blog?

Syd said...

I also miss Madison and her wise words. Henry's story is very sad. I am still reeling from the suicide last week of a friend. It has blown me off course a bit because I wish that there had been someway I could have helped her. I think many people are asking themselves that. Henry's story is indeed a sad one.