June 16, 2010

He got a job

I returned to work this Monday after two weeks off from surgery.  The second week off I was feeling better and worked on some spiritual reading and prayer.  I was so positive from that and felt better each day.  I will continue to work on it daily it just won't be as much time as I was able to do.  I find that I have been feeling a bit resentful since last night of little stuff.  I really need to search myself on this, because I get angry with my loved ones (husband lately) over small stuff that is really about resentment.  Then I figure it out and relay that to him.  I just have really noticed that I have a pretty big problem with resentment and the "it's not fair" type of stuff.  Pity party time!!  Ha:) 

On a lighter note Z called the other day and got a job, first one in probably a couple of years.  I am very happy for him and told him how proud we were.  He downplayed it because it is at Jack in the Box, but I told him a job is a job, who cares, plus he likes their food...he laughed and said "well that is true".  He says he will continue looking for a better job while he works.  As of late at work, many parents are sharing their pride in their kids graduating and going off to college or great jobs.  I, as I am sure many of you also do, sit quietly and listen, never sharing about my boy.  So I am happy to share here with you all since you understand how proud I am of him today.

Not posting a lot, trying to get back in the groove of the work thing, but am reading and trying to comment.  Hope you all have a great rest of the week.



Syd said...

I'm glad that he got a job. I am busy with my wife gone. Lots to do around here.

Anonymous said...

Yanno what? He has a job! Yay for him!

I read the other day where many are aquiring debt for a degree and can't/wont be hired over the minimum wage.

I truely think tech/trade school is the way to go right now. Get that experience in and it can lead to great promotions, pay, and a good lifestyle.

Just my 2 cents.

YAY FOR HIM, and you!


Jake's Mom said...

Good for Z!! It's honest work and it will keep him busy! My son, Jacob, just got a job too, first one in exactly a year and it's at a fast food joint too. Now I just hope he's responsible with the money he makes. He has a 6 month old and an addiction to ink...enough with the tattoo's! I hear you on the resentment too...I've been in a mood myself of late...need to blog!! Lol! Hang in there, I'm praying like a crazy woman for all of us!!

Bristolvol said...

Very good news indeed, Renee. You know what they say: an idle mind is the devil's workshop. A job is excellent therapy. I'll pray that it will work out for your son.

Annette said...

I so get it Renee! A job...anywhere...is HUGE. I think more valuable than the income is the routine and the responsibility and the having to be somewhere at a certain time and knowing that there most definitely are consequences if you don't follow through. A lot of good lessons take place in the work place. Good for him!! Congratulations!!!

Heather's Mom said...

Great for Z!!! That is awesome :)
As for the other parents at work (and yes, I have the same, not at work - mostly IN my family! arrgh!) - God's eyes are all that truly matter and you know how much He loves Z! And yes, I can relate to how thrilled you are! Great news :)
As for your first paragraph, don't want to offend you, but again - are you me??? I can't tell you how the things my mind goes through are so the same as yours...
Love and hugs.
God bless.

Barbara said...

That's great news!!!!! You are right a job is a job and he should feel good that he went out and got one! YAY for him!

Glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Resentment seems to have become my best friend lately...I really, really need to work on that and let it all go because the place it takes me is nowhere I want to be.
Thrilled to hear about the job. It is really great news!!

Kathy M. said...

That's great news. No job is too humble, if you do it honestly and with integrity.

I was just having a conversation with another Al-Anon about the comparison problem concerning our kids. Today, when people ask about my daughter I say she's doing great. Which is true. And I leave it at that.

I don't need to mention that she's living in a homeless shelter. She's sober for the first time in a long time, making a stab at recovery in NA and AA and looking for a job. That is truly great, and I'm proud of her.

Love and hugs.

Her Big Sad said...

Isn't that great news! In this economy, that's really something! Good for him!

I hope the job gives him some stability and a sense of having a routine and a feeling of accomplishment!

hugs and prayers!

Kristin said...

It is so hard to find a job in this economy. I like that he is looking for better employment while he is working this job. (Even if he isn't, it says something about his self-esteem.)
I know about sitting back and listening to everyone talking about their kids graduating and doing amazing things and the obvious avoidance of your kid. UGH. Mental illness is SO taboo that the conversation never comes around to me. It is both a relief but sometimes I would like to toot my daughter's horn; but, her successes would pale in comparison. I don't want to do that to her.
Anyway, great news about Z. (My son is walking dogs for a living. He, too, is looking for other employment...)
xx kris

Peggy said...

I think that a job that is not necessarily a "career" kind of job, that is lower stress, yet requires accountability/responsibility/commitment, is the perfect scenario for getting back on track. If Z does this job well, other doors will open for him. My father always said that, "Success is doing something you don't want to do, and doing it well."
I so understand the resentment piece - - - and ANGER, for all the lies, loss, betrayal, etc. Sometimes, I feel it's just going to explode out of me. Right now, when Hayley is doing so well, it's all dissipated a bit - but, I know it's still there, buried deep within me. Wish I knew what to do with it.
Take care of yourself so you can cope, stay strong, and . . . celebrate Z's small steps. They all add up, you know, to giant strides. Peggy