September 22, 2009


Align Left

Well, I guess when we don't spend time taking care of ourselves, we just get sick. I have been off work for two days, must go back tomorrow. Just feel so beat down so I guess I need to relax into it and work at getting well, in more ways than one. I haven't felt much like getting online and will have to catch up with the blogs once I am feeling better. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week.


Dad and Mom said...

Sending a virtual bouquet of flowers in spirit, enjoy.

Lou said...

I read your last post, and it made my heart ache. A blogger recently told me they remember when I first started blogging. They said I was like "help me, help me, somebody help me." I was so afraid, confused, sad..well, you know. I think eventually the misery just plays itself out, and we decide to start living again.

Maybe you are getting the flu over with early for this year?!?

Gin said...

Feel better. Been there recently and it kind of sucks.

Brother Frankie said...

i almost used the doggy pic too..well we can be sick together.

i am feeling a little better today. have to preach tonight. first time out of the house in three days.

home you feel better real quick..

get some rest. thats what the doc told me..

You are Loved
Brothe Frankier

Syd said...

I hope that you are feeling better soon. It's that time of year when all kinds of sickness hit.