September 25, 2009

Gray Waves--Flash 55

It always seemed so black and white. Why can't he see? The waves of destruction that have become so prevalent in our lives. I realize it is not black and white, but full of gray waves, sometimes calm, soothing and sometimes turbulent, cold, dark. Nothing stays the same and that is a very comforting feeling.

Every Friday write a poem, story or limerick of 55 words, no more, no lessAnd then report to the G-man!!


clean and crazy said...

beautiful and powerful. wow what a roller coaster of a week you have had.
i haven't had a meeting all week and i thought about going tonight but he has class and we cannot afford a sitter. my demons are stewing but thank god they are not active. i did buy some of those horrible chocolate and marshmallow cookies and hid them in the girls room though. a bit of my addict coming out and it does scare me.

i never thought about how much i scared my mom in my addiction though. i am sorry you are going through this right now, but you sound very strong today!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I really like this 55, a lot. Not everything is black and white, how about that! I recently learned this myself.
You are growing. Very well put!

Tall Kay said...

Oh the power of the sea! I really loved the analogy here. Great 55!

Cat said...

Wonderful analogy used in this short 55!

g-man said...

Holy Cow girl can you ever write!!
Excellent 55 Mom..
Thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to contribute such beautiful work...You Rock!!!
Have a Kick-Ass Week-End...G

Mona said...

indeed! , the only thing permanent in life is Change. & that thought is sometimes very comforting!