October 11, 2009

Stuck on Grateful

Hi to all of my blogger friends, I have missed you and thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers during the passing of my mother-in-law. I am not officially back from our little getaway at the ocean but felt the urge to write a gratitude list today. I will be writing a couple of posts soon about some history of my life and my son's as I thought it might shed more light on who I am as a person and how I got to blogland. For now, I am just grateful for today and so here is my list:

1. Grateful for all sunny days on the ocean;
2. Grateful for my loving husband and our wonderful relationship;
3. Grateful I have a job;
4. Grateful we have a couple of little places to getaway to when needed, and vacation time to do it with;
5. Grateful for the pain of the passing of my mother, sister, aunt and mother-in-law to show me how strong I can be and how precious life is;
6. Grateful for a reliable vehicle;
7. Grateful the water where I live tastes so great out the tap;
8. Grateful for the health that I do have;
9. Grateful for my family and friends;
10. Grateful for all my senses and the ability to stop and be aware of my surroundings; and
11. Last but not least, grateful for my blog friends who support me in ways only they can understand.

I hope you are all doing well, I will be trying to catch up on my blog readings as well as posting soon.



Madison said...

I look forward to reading your story and learning about your son. My own gratitude list would be similar, except for water. I probably take that for granted. Have a blessed week.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Renee, and we are grateful for YOU! I am glad things are going well and look forward to reading your upcoming posts. Wonderful list.

Gin said...

Glad to hear from you and LOVE your gratitude list. Take care of yourself!