February 24, 2010

Being proactive in our own health issues

So much has happened since my last post, but I am going to mainly focus on some decisions I have made regarding my own health. I saw my counselor last night and we had a full session mainly surrounding my health issues. We have done this before but this time, really focused on it and what things I might be able to do about it. I am a pretty proactive person with my own personal doctor and he encourages that. But, as with probably many of you with addicted kids, my physical health has suffered the past few years due to all the stress (also the three deaths in my family).

I have long standing sinus problems and have had numerous tests, surgery, medication, etc. Nothing seems to assist it to the point of me being well. I also believe, after talking with my very holistic therapist, that it is possible that I have some adrenal gland problems going on. I spoke with my physician and he agreed and will be running some tests for that. In the meantime, I have found a sinus specialist nearby and have made an appointment & sent all necessary paperwork to obtain all my records. I have started taking some herbal/natural remedies for some of my stress related ailments (SamE, Fish Oil, PMX...ladies this stuff is great). I know, I know, sharing a bit too much info, but I guess my point is that I am beginning to get to the point to try whatever I need to make myself feel well. I think I am even going to check out some acupuncture again (tried many years ago). I think it is important for us to be a part of our own physical recovery path when nothing the doctors seem to be doing is working. I am tired of suffereing. I will also be working on my mental attitude, have been walking 1/2 hour a day as I can and have ordered a few things to assist me in my weight loss, like the Body Bugg they use on the Biggest Loser.

O.K. now I am just rambling, but I feel a little empowered today and encouraged, motivated even. This is refreshing for me as I have been down and out for quite a while. Thanks to all of you that give me support, you are part of my healing process as well:)

Much gratitude for the following:

1. My blogger community's love and support
2. My overall health could be MUCH worse, so grateful for what God has given me
3. My son is alive
4. My husband is AWESOME
5. My attitude is up
6. The sun is kinda shining
7. The water where I live out of the tap is FANTASTIC!
8. I lost 4 pounds this week
9. Being employed
10. Having transportation, food and shelter

Much love...Renee


Garnet said...

The sun is kinda shining... Now that's a glass half full comment! I like it when I pay attention to my health. It's always for the best. For everyone concerned.

Lou said...

I think you are really going to do it! Getting all your records together is a good idea to start. Or move to Arizona for your sinuses (sorry:).

Chic Mama said...

You sound really positive. :0) xxx

Kathy M. said...

Good for you! Self care is important. I's true that the stress of living with an addict can take a toll. So glad you're feeling encouraged and motivated. I try to take advantage of those times, which always feel like gifts from God.

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

Lou, funny you should mention moving. My doctor has told me many times to move somewhere near the ocean. I told him we had a place on the Northern California coast, he said "wrong coast"! Wouldn't ya know it, he meant tropical or Arizona. May have to set that in my sights if all else fails. Thanks everyone for your comments and encouraging me.

Barbara said...

Way to go, Girl! I agree with you and you are motivating me! I hope that you get to the bottom of your sinus problems and find a good (non-evasive) solution. I am going to try PMX :)

Keep up the great self care!

Sherry said...

I am happy that you are doing better...hope you continue to put yourself 1st!!

Bristolvol said...

Thank you for sharing this. I have had sinus problems myself for a long time. I think I'll make an appointment to get checked out myself. It's a long time coming.

Kim A. said...

Taking care of ourselves is our first job and it sounds like you are doing whatever it takes. Good for you!!!!


Annette said...

Ohh I loved hearing all of this. What is PMX? And I really really wish we lived closer....I would LOVE to be your walking partner. I have decided that I simply can't walk alone. I hate it. I have to have a partner. and currently I have one for Sundays. I am do busy during the week that I am my own hindrance there.

Annndddd where did you order your body bugg? Is it bugg or bud? Good for you!! I am so happy for you! Good luck with the specialist.

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

Annette, it is Body Bugg and I just googled it and ordered it from Amazon. The PMX is a combination of Chinese herbs that you can only get online. Here is the link: http://www.bioresourceinc.com/supplements/pmx.php. I can't promote it, but I LOVE it and it has helped me so far so very much with the hot flashes especially.

Thanks everyone for your kind words of encouragement to keep taking care of me:)

Tonjia said...

Hi, you might pick up a copy of "The China Study: the most comprehensive research on nutrition and diet ever done" by T. Colin Campbell.

Two years ago I made a major lifestyle change. I am a gluten free, soy free, dairy free vegan.

Changing my diet changed my health radically.

Syd said...

Good for you Renee. It is a priority to take care of my health.