September 6, 2010

To Let Go

To Let Go doesn't mean to stop caring; it means I can't do it for someone else.
To Let Go is not to cut myself off; it's the realization that I can't control another.
To Let Go is not to enable, but to allow learning from natural consequences.
To Let Go is to admit powerlessness, which means the outcome is not in my hands.
To Let Go is not to try to change or blame another, I can only change myself.
To Let Go is not to care for, but to care about.
To Let Go is not to judge, but to allow another to be a human being.
To Let Go is not to be in the middle arranging all the outcomes, but to allow others to affect their own outcome.
To Let Go is not to be protective, it is to permit others to face reality.
To Let Go is not to deny, but to accept.
To Let Go is not to nag, scold or argue, but to search out my own shortcomings and to correct them.
To Let Go is not to adjust everything to my desires, but to take each day as it comes and to cherish the moment.
To Let Go is not to criticize and regulate anyone, but to try to become what I dream I can be.
To Let Go is to fear less and love more.

Someone shared this with me some time back.  I had a hard day and happened to pull it out of my drawer and read it.  It helped me today and I hope it touches someone else who may need it.



Bristolvol said...

Thanks Renee,
These reminders always come in handy. Sorry you have had a hard day. Sending you hugs.

LisaC said...

Renee, thank you for posting that. I've struggled, especially over the last four years, with the issues of letting go. As I become more attuned, I realize I've struggled with this issue my entire life.

Thank you, my friend, for sharing. And I hope your difficult day gets better.

Sherry said...

Hi Renee - I'm struggling with a decision and appreciated reading this! Hope you're feeling better already!!

VJ said...

Did I ever need to read that today!

Thanks for sharing.

Pray each day get's better.

Heather's Mom said...

I appreciate you posting this. It's solace in the face of people who don't know, who don't understand (you know the ones, who say, "How can you let you kid...???" or "You don't KNOW what he/she is doing about...???" as they look down their nose). We love our kids, and this is a reminder we're doing what we can.
God bless.
Love & hugs!

Syd said...

It is indeed a good thing to read and print out.

Anonymous said...

I needed this today.
I hope things are a bit better for you now.


Happyface said...

Thanks Renee! Came across your blog while online looking for information on detachment. Felt alot better after reading that poem again. I was given this poem at a parent group a number of years ago. Very grateful I came across it right now. I've printed it and will post it on the fridge as a daily reminder :)

謝雅柏 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

parent said...

nice post

Melinda said...

thanks for sharing this. That is what I called my blog. momlettinggoandlettinggod. what a struggle it is. how many times have I let go only to grab it back again. love your blog.

Sid said...


I've been a heroin addict for nearly fourteen years, starting at 17.

Ive struggled for years with it, and the damage and pain you cause your family is awful, it also feeds back into the cycle of using though through the guilt!

Interesting blog anyway, I know writing really helps me.. I've recently started blogging about it all anyway


Ive blogged about it anyway