July 30, 2010


I love the following two acronyms about Love and Fear:

LOVE = Letting Others Voluntarily Evolve
FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real

Just a little share and a reminder to myself to step out of the way of my son's path so he can evolve, and to watch those expectations because they can easily bring about the fear.



Kim A. said...

I had never heard the L.O.V.E. one and I really like it. One reason I love the slogans is that they are short, simple, and to the point, just like this is. thanks for passing this on..


Jan said...

Nice.... I copied this down and put in in my wallet~

Sherry said...

Those are great! Fear is what keeps people from living life to the fullest...my hope for all of us is that we learn to face them and have peace!

Syd said...

Expectations are killers for me. Good slogans there.

Erin said...

Thank you for this!

Her Big Sad said...

Had not heard the one for L.O.V.E. before - thanks for sharing these. I love slogans - they help!

Hugs and Prayers!

jackandaisy said...

thank you for visiting my blog and giving me your love and support. i'm sorry i'm here too. but like people say, it is what it is. i've added you to my blog roll so i can get to know you better. thanks.