July 19, 2010

Taking a Break

I have not posted here in over a month. I have been trying to stay caught up in reading your posts and sometimes commenting.  I will continue to do that but am going to take a break from posting on my blog until Summer has concluded.  I have had many plans on the weekends that have taken me away from my computer and I just feel I need a break.  I will be back though, just a warning;)  Love and peace, Renee


Fractalmom said...

enjoy the rest of your summer. c u n the fall

Annette said...

What??? :o( Just make sure you come back!! I will miss you but be praying you enjoy your time away and that it is filled with much peace.

Barbara said...

You better be back or I'll come looking for you!!!

Thought of you the other night when I was at the Pacific Ampitheater watching Bad Co.!!!

Keep enjoying your summer!

CC (Mumsicles) said...

we all need to find ways to recharge. i hope you have some beautiful weather and serious rest time to do just that. please do not stay gone too long. hugs to you.


Heather's Mom said...

Like Barbara said - you'd better be back! :)
Enjoy your summer, stop in for comments when you can.
Love and peace to you too. My prayers for you and Z will continue.

Syd said...

Take care Renee. Have a good summer.

Kristin said...

Breaks are essential! Recharge and enjoy.
The blogosphere will be here when you get back. Until then, let summer wash over you and carry your worries away.
xx kris